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The latest generation of dissociated technology trolleys comprising of an Ergoserv transport tray trolley and a DOUBLE FLOW docking station is designed for the distribution of complete meal trays with numerous advantages at each distribution stage. The practical , compact ERGOSERV tray trolley receives meal trays assembled on a packaging line and separates hot and cold dishes thanks to an isolating panel that divides it into compartments.  The automatic slot covers guarantee air-tightness between the two sections maintaining temperatures in line with HACCP requirements.

  • Large easy to use control panel

  • One docking station can service up to 3 tray trolleys

  • Effortless connection to automatic docking station with immediate automatic start-up

  • Easy to handle, quiet ergonomic trolleys.

  • Elegant design.

  • Docking station with 4 wheels to allow easy cleaning.

  • Uses all shapes and types of crockery, from porcelain and melamine to single-use crockery

  • Dynamic, targeted circulation of cold and hot airflows.


This multiportion solution, Multiserv has been designed to ensure the correct temperature for holding and reheating mass-catering meals. The Multiserv range offers hotel quality food with ward service comfort. A forced thermo-convection system allows for a variety of meals. Available in hot, cold, mixed or frozen holding, 13 different solutions allow for dedicated Multiserv designs which can deliver tailored solutions for whatever your application may be from Hospital Wards to Nursing Homes, Care Facilities or schools. Everything you need for catering with the flexibility of use with any kind of container (plastic or aluminium trays, stainless steel gastronorm or china plates.  The Multiserv trolley offers personalised diverse menu options for specific or themed meals, offering you a selection which will esceed expectations.

  • Large easy to use control panel with temperature recording option.

  • Ergonomically Designed with large 160mm diameter wheels in either diamond or square configuration for easy handling in any location. Diamond Configuration allowing the trolley to rotate 360 degrees.

  • Gastronorm Racks with anti-fall grids for ease of handling and safe use.

  • Internal and external structure made from Stainless Steel

  • Removable door seals

  • Door opening detection and warning.

  • Non-marking bumber around the edge.

  • ABS panels, easily removed for quick maintenance access.

  • Various accessories available.

Compact Serv

This new generation of trolleys with its innovative design and onboard technology is subdivided into 3 models enabling the distribution of 12 to 30 GN Meal Trays. The new Evercool dividing panel guarantees perfect insulation between the hot and cold and significantly reduces rethermalisation times and trolley energy consumption.​ 

  • Large easy to use control panel.

  • Ergonomically Designed with large 160mm diameter wheels in either diamond or square configuration for easy handling in any location. Diamond Configuration allowing the trolley to rotate 360 degrees.

  • 4 pass through doors that can be secured when opened.

  • Removable compartment dividers. (no need for tools)

  • Complete traceability of temperatures, alarms and defects in real time on a PC.

  • Automatic temperature control.

  • Data exchange using WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB stick...

  • Ergonomic handling thanks to its Soft touch grips.

  • Removable door seals.

  • A flat, secure top surface to store the accessories needed to serve and clear away.

  • 4 doors for the independent management of hot and cold without heat loss.

  • Various accessories available.


Servizio Breakfast Systems

Breakfast is the first event of the day for every patient or resident, it is a very important moment for hospitalised persons. Easy set-up and meal distribution are key elements for this first contact of the day.

  • Ergonomic and manoeuvrable

  • 40mm pitch between levels to optomise trolley capacity.

  • 4 swivel castors 125mm diameter with centralised braking system accessible from both sides.

  • Top of trolley equipped with driving handles.

  • Airline type construction both strong and lightweight

  • Non marking bumper

  • Stainless steel locks

  • Stainless Steel Textured Top

  • Slopped trolley bottom for water draining

  • Coved corners for easy cleaning.

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