Socamel Food Distribution Systems

Socamel is the leading innovative, professional manufacturer of food distribution solutions into the healthcare and institutional marketplace.  Socamel offers a large range of products which allows us to answer all your food distribution service needs.


Bulk Service

  • Meal Service with full GN tray portions

  • For hot, cold or mixed holding

  • Hot, Cold, Hot/Cold Mixed, Plate Warmer, Neutral  Compartments

  • 13 Solutions for all configurations

Plated Service With Docking Station


  • No onboard technology, not heating elements.

  • Dual entry tray trolley for comfortable access to trays from both sides.

  • Corner bumpers for solid secure protection during transport.

  • 2 Models for distribution of 16 to 36 trays

Plated Service with onboard technology


  • Light & easily moveable

  • 2 Models for distribution of 16 to 30 trays

  • Cold Holding at 3 oC then rethermalisation for service

Breakfast Trolley


  • Light & easily moveable

  • Ergonomic Design.

  • Insulated Aluminium Panels

Better Foodservice Starts Here


“Strong, robust and easy to use.”


“Excellent at maintaining temperature, easy to move, easy to clean. The control panel is strong and simple to navigate.

“We  have three socamel trolleys and are hoping that our budget this year allows us to purchase at least one more.

“We have used several different trolleys in the past but we find Socamel to be one of the best we have encountered so far.”


“Since moving to a Socamel Plated system we have saved thousands on staffing costs.


"Our Patient surveys are showing higher marks for food quality since we have started using the Socamel Multiserv Food Trolleys”



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